Days 11-15

Here we are on day 11-15 and I have to admit these past few days were a lot harder on me. Maybe it was being around people more than normal but I definitely had my fair share of slip ups this past few days.  I have realized over the past ten days that gossip really does make you feel better for a few minutes but then you feel really bad about it later.  I wish I could remember that when I am talking about someone. 
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Here are some pictures of my verses and quotes around the house.  I put one in Cole’s room above his changing table but he’s asleep so I couldn’t take that picture tonight.  I am putting mine in places that I look often.  You will think that all I do is clean when you see these…and it’s kinda true sometimes.  I put some sticky notes on my bathroom mirror but let’s face it, most days I don’t even look in the mirror unless I am going somewhere like church.

It looks so clean there…that’s not the norm…I probably read this one the most!

These are the post it notes that I read when I do my hair once a week  🙂

I need to move this one because I am usually very preoccupied with keeping my son out of the dryer!

I had said before that my mom used to tell us this little poem and she sent it to me so I could share it.  I need to memorize it because if I said this in my head each time I wanted to say something about someone, I would forget what I was going to say anyways!
3 Gates

If you are tempted to reveal
A tale to you someone has told
About another, make it pass,
Before you speak, three gates of gold;
These narrow gates. First, “Is it true?”
Then, “Is it needful?” In your mind
Give truthful answer. And the next
Is last and narrowest, “Is it kind?”
And if to reach your lips at last
It passes through these gateways three,
Then you may tell the tale, nor fear
What the result of speech may be.
-from the Arabian
She gave me some other poems that I also wanted to share because they are all very true.
A careless word may kindle strife;
A cruel word may wreck a life;
A timely word may level stress;
A loving word may heal and bless.
author unknown
If your lips would keep from slips,
Five things observe with care;
Of who you speak, to who you speak,
And how and when and where.

Many have fallen by the edge of the sword,
but more have fallen by the prick of the tongue.
THINK before you speak:
T—Is it true?
H—Is it helpful?
I—Is it inspiring?
N—Is it necessary?
K—Is it kind?