I’ve rounded up my favorite Bibles for Kids in this post just for you! We have had so many good ones but I chose my favorites today because kid’s need a bible that they can get excited about and enjoy reading with you and on their own.

Say and Pray Bible: This bible is really great for babies and toddlers. This would make such a great gift for a baby shower too for when they ask you to bring a book. This book is very durable and perfect for babies to play with and take to church as their first bible. It was a VERY simple story which is about one sentence and then has all of the pictures labeled with simple first words. It also has a prayer on each page. My daughter still takes this bible to church as a three year old.

The Beginner’s Bible: This is the Bible that we use the most in our house. My son takes it to church, we read it at bedtime a lot, and I also use it to teach bible classes at church. It has great stories that are just right for a kid’s attention span and the pictures are really helpful. It has most of the major stories in the Bible too which is great for bedtime reading and teaching. This one is great for early elementary age kids.

I Will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook: This one is my current favorite for bedtime reading. It has a small application story at the beginning of each bible story, a simple retelling of the Bible story, and then an “I Will Follow Jesus” application and prayer at the end. This one is so great because it helps your kids to relate to the people in each story and how they may have felt. I HIGHLY recommend this one!

Read and Share Devotional Bible: This one is similar to the one above and has a small devotional before and after the simple story. I like this one because at the end of most stories, it gives kids ways to apply the story in their life.

The Look and Tell Bible: This is my favorite baby and toddler Bible right now. It is a larger Bible so it might not be great for taking it to church but it’s a great Bible for home and bedtime. It has these lifted pictures that my kids love to run their finger across and these pictures are in the text of the story so they can help you read. We usually go over the people and things that are going to be in the story first so they can help me read.

Egermeier’s Bible Storybook: This one is going to be for your upper elementary or middle school age kids because it’s a little text heavy but I still think it’s great for night time reading or for older kids to take to church. This bible is a much more in depth retelling of the Bible stories, has most of the stories in the Bible, and tells you where each story can be found in the Bible. There are pictures on every three or four pages. My son received this when he was born and it’s going to be really great for him very soon. I knew two twins at my old church who knew the Bible VERY well and I was told that their dad read this exact Bible to them every night and so if that’s not proof that this is a great kid’s Bible, I don’t know what is!

The Best Bibles for Kids from the Child at Heart Blog for Babies, Toddler, and Elementary Age Kids

Recommedations from my friends:

The Bible App For Kids Storybook Bible: My fellow El Paso lettering artist Rebecca said that this bible has vivid illustrations that hold the kid’s attention and that the stories are condensed but still have enough to teach the story. She uses this Bible to teach early elementary kids at church and she loves it. I have this app and the images are exactly like the app. Might have to add this one to our collection.

The Usborne Illustrated Childrens Bible: My sister-in-law Kylie has this bible and she said that it has gorgeous illustrations and it has 68 stories from the Bible, maps, and Who’s Who in the Bible so kid’s can better understand the people they are reading about. It has a lot of text because the stories aren’t as condensed but it’s great for upper elementary or bedtime for early elementary.

The Best Bibles for Kids from the Child at Heart Blog for Babies, Toddler, and Elementary Age Kids

I made this video for a quick look inside and linked all of the Bible’s above so that you can easily buy them. These would make great gifts for your kids and grandkids and they have all been read by my family and my kid’s love all of them for different reasons. These bibles go from baby into middle school ages and each one has something that makes it special.

Do you have any of these Bibles in your home and if not, what is your favorite bible for your kids or from your childhood? I had a Precious Moments bible that I loved to take to church.

The Best Bibles for Kids from the Child at Heart Blog for Babies, Toddler, and Elementary Age Kids