When I was pregnant, I bought this really fun shower curtain from World Market.  I had a dark gray bathroom and I thought it would look great in there.  I received this big stuffed rubber ducky and decided to go with the ducky theme for the room.  Here is what I came up with.  Most of it was DIY and super cheap.

This was a wooden crate in the garage.  I spray painted it white and turned it on it’s side for a basically free table/storage area.


The inspiration for the colors.


I used cheap plastic curtain rings to hang his toys because the suction cups kept slipping down.


This is a Pinterest idea.  I keep everything up where he can’t reach it.  It also makes for quick cleaning.  I use the basket to the left for clean washcloths.  My husband thought we were using it for dirty washcloths.  You can see how that could be a problem.  haha


I took pages from the Eric Carle 10 Little Ducks book and framed them in all white frames that I had spray painted.  Click here to see more about how I made this.


I stretched some chevron fabric over a canvas that I already had.  I then made a rubber ducky stencil with cardstock on my Cricut Expression 2.  I just stenciled it on with acrylic paint and there you go!


The inspiration for the rubber ducky theme.  Cole thinks it needs to go in the bath with him.  So far he hasn’t succeeded but it’s only a matter of time.


This was a major clearance frame from Hobby Lobby.  It had all of these words on it and had really bad scratches everywhere.  I took some of the putty stuff for walls and filled in the scratches.  I then sprayed many coats of white paint until it was all done.  I might do something else to it later but I like the all white for now.


These canvases were all over Pinterest and I knew I had to do one or two.  Just take painters tape and paint any color you want.


This is my vanity.  I really like my whale soap dish from World Market and orange vase from Hobby Lobby.


These are those paper mache frames from Hobby Lobby.  I just took some painter’s tape and made some stripes or borders.


This is a little gallery shelf made by my dad.  I painted it white and put big pictures of us during bath time and from the Eric Carle book.  I thought it was a nice way to frame the mirror.  Thanks Dad!  These are all Dollar Tree Document frames that I spray painted too.