I was asked by Leigh Anne of Houseologie to be a part of “Touring through Blogland.”  I was super excited to participate and share some more with my readers about my house and family.  Please go check out Leigh Anne’s blog.  She comes up with some great DIY for the home.  My favorite recent posts on Houseologie are her studded plank wall and painted fireplace.

So first let me introduce you to the family!  I am married to Dane, a state policeman, and we have one son, Cole, who turned 2 in April.  We live in the panhandle of Texas and are actually selling our house right now.  I took a few pictures of small details I love in our house that show my style. If it’s from World Market or Target, i’m in!

This is our house we have lived in for years.  We are selling it.  🙁  Sad day…

This is a pallet sign I made a few years ago.  We are going to probably move A LOT so this quote will be very true for us.

Here is a clipboard frame I made for my mantle.  I just love that picture of my little guy!

This is my guest bedroom.  The headboard is just a piece of plywood with some batting and fabric stretched and stapled to the back.  Those birds were in my Grandma’s house but with a can of glossy black spray paint, they were updated and are a treasured keepsake now!

These were sitting on the bed while I was taking a few pictures.  I LOVE bright patterned notebooks and paper!!

This is probably my favorite pattern in the house right now, my guest bathroom shower curtain from World Market.

These are my most viewed posts of all time.  The Police Wife post is my most viewed post ever and was a little more controversial than my craft posts 🙂

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What am I working on now?
I am working on lots of homemade gifts for my friends with new babies and birthday gifts.  There is something really special to me about going into a friend’s home and seeing something you made hanging on their wall 🙂

How does my work differ from others?
I want my blog to be a place where people can come and get inspiration for a gift idea for someone they love or themselves.  I want to give a gift to everyone I love for all occasions without breaking the bank.

Why do I create/write about what I do?
I created this blog way back when I wanted to share my family pictures and Etsy shop.  It has grown into a hobby all on it’s own and I LOVE to blog about everything I make.  I saw a quote at a craft show the other day that I loved that said “WHAT I create is for you, HOW I create is for me.”  I love to share HOW I make everything so that others can create the same things for their home.

How does my creative process work?
If you are a crafter, DIY girl like me, your mind is ALWAYS on.  I am constantly taking pictures of something that gives me an idea.  I have notebooks everywhere with ideas written in them.  As far as the gifts go, I try to put myself in the other person’s shoes and really think about what they want.  I listen to people’s interests and try to make every gift special just for them!

Okay now is my favorite part of this whole blog tour!  I get to pick my favorites for you to go check out. 

First up is Morgan from Morganize with Me.  This girl is the queen of organizing!  She actually is about to do a Fall Organizing Challenge and if it’s anything like her last one I participated in, it will be SO great!  She writes about how to organize every aspect of your life in a simple, efficient way.

Next is Darcy at the Ruffled Stitch.  She has a super cute line of wallets on Etsy and a great blog to match.  She sews such cute little projects and since she is about to have a baby girl, her blog has some great sewing projects for a baby nursery.

Please go check out all of these girls and thanks for visiting me in my little stop on the blog tour.  Please follow me to stay in touch 🙂

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