Treat Everyone Like It's Their Birthday plus FREE Printable:  Child at Heart

This past week I celebrated my son and husband’s birthdays.  They were both wonderful relaxing days at home filled with smiles, hugs, and great memories.  I had such great days with my guys but during those days and the few days after, I realized something about myself that I didn’t like.

I was a different person on the “birthday days”…let me show you what I mean:

Birthday Day:  We all woke up excited, energized, and in GREAT moods!  We were being sweet to each other and laughing.

Regular Day:  We were tired and grouchy.  I was annoyed at how my son wakes up before the sun comes up every single day.

Birthday Day:  My son spilled a bag of grated cheese on the floor and I said “uh-oh” and cleaned it up because it was an accident.

Regular Day:  He spilled his milk on my duvet (that I just washed) and I totally lost it.

Birthday Day:  In Walmart when he wanted to ride the horse at the front, I calmly explained that I didn’t have a quarter and we left.

Regular Day:  He wanted to ride the SAME horse again the next day…I said no and started to drag my crying, kicking child out of the store.

Birthday Day:  I played the HiHo! Cherry-O Game about 20 times, read Pete the Cat about 30 times, and spent tons of time listening to him tell me stories.  I also didn’t say “Just a minute…” a thousand times.

Regular Day:  The next day he watched the Disney Channel while I cleaned, caught up on my shows, and got ready.

Birthday Day:  We went to the park so that he could play even though it was CRAZY windy outside.  It was really fun despite the nasty weather.

Regular Day:  It was barely windy a few days later and I wouldn’t let him go jump on the trampoline.

Birthday Day:  During my son’s bath that night, I talked to him and just had fun watching him play and splash.

Regular Day:  I played on my phone while my son was taking a bath.  I mean I had to check my Pinterest and Instagram right?!

Now I am not saying that everyday is like the “regular days” in this comparison.  I take my role as a mom very seriously and LOVE to play with him all day.  I also know that there are days when we have to let our kids watch TV or do their own thing or nothing would ever get done.  I just realized on my son and husband’s birthdays that sometimes I put other things that don’t matter above them.  I have realized this week that my attitude GREATLY affects the tone of my household.  I am really going to work hard to treat everyone, especially my family, like everyday is their birthday 🙂

I created this fun FREE printable as a reminder to me to always try to make everyone in my life feel “birthday” special!

Download “Treat Everyone Like It’s Their Birthday” Printable Here  (Right-click on the image to save it to your computer)

Treat Everyone Like It's Their Birthday plus FREE Printable:  Child at Heart

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Can you relate to any of these?  Do you find yourself being different on special days?