I know the number one reason people dress up their little ones on Halloween even if no one wants to admit it.  It’s all about the pictures!  That’s why this year I am going to have a fun places for parents to snap a little picture of their kids trick or treating, complete with a sign that has the year on it.  Here’s how I made mine for $3!

These wooden signs were in the Dollar Tree and were the perfect size but I wasn’t a huge fan of the design.  I decided to flip it over, paint the back black, write “Halloween 2013”, and call it done.  This way parents can remember the year.
Here’s what the sign looked like if you want to do the same thing:
To make the background just get two colors of crepe paper and tape them all to the top of your wall outside.  Twist each piece and tape it again at the bottom.  Easy cheesy!  I put a stool out there and the sign and took some sample pics of Cole.  He isn’t going to be a Cowboy but his real Halloween costume isn’t here yet.
Check back all week for more Halloween porch ideas from Dollar Tree.  by the end of this week, I will have decorated my porch and door for only 20 dollars.