Heart Applique Sweatshirt tutorial

I had this old gray sweatshirt that was super boring and wanted to jazz it up.  I was in a Valentine kind of mood so I got out some pink fabric, my sewing machine, and cricut and made this in less than an hour.  I think it turned out super fun!  I thought I would share how I did for a beginning Cricut and sewing project.

First cut your material and see what size you are going to want the heart (or whatever shape you choose) to be.  Mine was about 8 inches tall by 10 inches wide when it was all said and done.
I used my Cricut Craft Room to take the heart shape and designed it to fit my shirt.
I used this Heat and Bond (Walmart had it!) to do the iron on transfer and it worked really great!
(I did use this but found out recently that if you are sewing on the applique, use the Heat N Bond lite in the purple package)  This kind is for ironing only but this would be a no sew project if you use this type of Heat N Bond!)
Turn your fabric upside down and iron out the wrinkles.
Take the Heat and Bond paper and put it with the paper facing up so that the sticky side will bond with the fabric.  This step is a must if you are going to use your Cricut.  Trust me when I say that you cannot cut fabric without some type of iron on paper.  Trust me I tried and it was sad!
Iron it on for about 4 or 5 seconds and make sure you cover every inch of the surface.
Place your material and paper with the material on the mat.  I taped all around the edges to hold it super still.  Painters tape would be better but I was silly and used Scotch tape.  I will have some cleaning up to do later on my mat but oh well!
Place the paper in your cricut, make a wish, and see what happens…
It boo booed just a tiny bit at the top but that’s nothing my scissors can’t fix.
Yay looks great!
Check the placement on the shirt.
Iron on your shape.  I ironed for about ten seconds in each place since I was using a thick material but you could probably do less if it was a t-shirt or onesie.
I did a tiny stitch around the edges just to make sure it stays on for many washes to come but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.
All done and just in time for Valentines Day!
I promised myself I would never do the “mirror with my camera” picture but here I am doing it…haha…I think I need some practice since I cut my face off!

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