This year I wanted to make a wreath to hang all of the great holiday cards we get from our friends and family.   I made one last year and it didn’t work out too well.  I had put clothespins on a hanger that I had formed into a circle.  The hanger wouldn’t hold it’s circle shape and it kept falling off the wall.  I am currently obsessed with embroidery hoops so I decided that would work much better as a base.  I took all of the clips off of the old wreath and covered them with washi tape for a quick easy update. 

First I put some wrapping twine in the hoop and folded little pieces of washi tape over it.  I then took the scissors and cut small triangles out of the bottom to make little pendants.
I covered all of the old clips from last year with two different colors of washi tape.  I would just tuck the ends of the tape inside the clips.   I love this stuff!
Start hot gluing them around making sure that the clip part is facing out if you are going to clip cards to it.  It would be cute without the cards too.
The back 🙂