Watercolor Snowflake Craft Tutorial for Kids

I just took down all of our Christmas decorations and even though I love the feeling of a fresh home for the new year, it’s just not as fun and colorful as it was during the holidays. With my son home for the winter break, we have been doing some crafts and I wanted to share this Watercolor Snowflake Craft that we did today. It’s SO easy and no matter what age or skill level your kid has, they can do this! I love watercolor art because there are never two watercolors that are the same, just like no two snowflakes are ever the same. These turned out SO beautiful and I love looking at them on our fridge. If you recreate this craft, please share with me on Facebook or Instagram or leave a comment below. I would LOVE to see them!

Watercolor Snowflake Craft Tutorial for Kids



Watercolor Paper (If you use regular copy paper it won’t work very well and you can get this watercolor paper on Amazon, any craft store, or Walmart)

Watercolors (I use the watercolor in a tube but any watercolor set will work)

Painter’s Tape



The first thing you should do is tape your paper down to your covered surface. This prevents the water or paints from running. I used some painter’s tape that I had cut and created a snowflake shape. Press the tape down VERY well and then you are ready to paint.

I painted about half of the page with just plain WATER first and then quickly added the watercolors all over, making sure I painted over the tape. Then I repeated the same process on the other half of the page.

While the watercolor was still wet, I dropped some plain old salt on the paint and it just soaks up some of the paint and makes this really cool effect. We all love watching this happen…who knew salt could be so fun?!

I allowed it to dry for about an hour and then I wiped the salt away and carefully pulled the tape off to reveal a perfect snowflake shape. The kids LOVED this craft because they could just paint however they wanted and when I pulled the tape off, they were SO surprised that it actually worked.

I love crafts that allow your kid to just be creative and free to do what they want and this is the perfect craft for that. I did a couple of snowflakes too and I’m not sure who had more fun, me or them!