We went to Artesia last weekend for Dane’s long weekend.  We went to Gordon and Saundie’s house on the way and then to Artesia to see my parents.  We went 4 wheeling on Friday and that was lots of fun because it rained ALOT and we had a cookout in the 4 wheeler trailer.  It was a great time!  Today we made a chocolate cake for Dane’s dad, Gordon’s birthday.  Cole got to lick the spoon and his reaction was so cute.    This weekend me and Cole also went to see Jacinda and Judah and the family.  It was great to see her and her cute little one. 

He fell asleep on me…that NEVER happens!  It was so great!

Dad cooking hot dogs in the trailer.  Our picnic moved inside the trailer but that was OK with us because it was raining and I LOVE the rain so much.  It smelled sooo good

Mom rocking the rain boots…we needed them that day

Hey buddy!
I promise we went slow…haha…but he was driving 🙂

You can’t see but it was pouring

Ahh…ignore the crazy colors I have on…I thought I looked fine for 4 wheeling.  Then we went to a restaurant…haha oh well my family still talked to me in there.

Whoa crazy hair!

We know this stuff has got to be good because mom has been eating it this whole time!

Wait for it…

Okay, he’s my son…he likes icing!

We meet in only the finest establishments….haha…they were on their way to see TEXAS and I drove to Canyon to see them.  Good time catching up  at Braums!  Great family those Judahs!