Why the Disney Story Central App is my son's FAVORITE: Child at Heart

If you are a mom like me, Disney characters are a HUGE part of your life and your children’s lives.  My son was Jake for Halloween last year, we have the theme song to Doc McStuffins memorized, and of course we love to watch our beloved Mickey Mouse.  Now there is a new way to LOVE these characters and develop a LOVE for reading all at the same time…Disney Story Central!

Disney Story Central is an app for iPhone and iPad, website for your computer, or a Video on Demand with AT&T U-Verse.  It has the largest selection of Disney digital stories and has ALL of their favorite characters, both classic and new.  The app is designed so that they can either read the books themselves or the app will read them aloud automatically.  This app has books for children who don’t read just yet all the way up to children who can read all on their own.

Why the Disney Story Central App is my son's FAVORITE: Child at Heart

What are my favorite features?

Bookshelf for Each Reader:  Each reader has their own custom bookshelf with the digital books that fit their reading and character preferences.  They even get to choose their favorite character as their avatar.  This means that in one app, my 3 nephews could all have their own books that fit their reading level and character preferences.

Why the Disney Story Central App is my son's FAVORITE:  Child at Heart

This is my son’s bookshelf with all of his favorite stories plus a few FREE books for signing up for the app!

Character Carousel:  You can browse your child’s favorite character and choose books based on their particular reading level.  There are SO many characters to choose from including the Disney Princesses, Frozen, Cars, and much more.

Perfect at Home or On the Go:  My son loves to read his books on our computer while I cook and also loves watching them on my iPhone when we are in the car or at the doctor’s office.

Why the Disney Story Central App is my son's FAVORITE:  Child at Heart

Does it cost money?

Yeah but most great stuff does…right?  🙂  The app download is free (you also get a few free books for downloading the app) and there are two different ways you can pay:

Subscription:  The subscription service gives kids unlimited access to Disney Story Central’s expansive library of books for $7.99 a month.

A La Carte:  The Disney Book Token system helps children choose books they want to read and each book costs 1 token.

This app is my son’s favorite new thing to do on my phone and I love how it’s teaching him to listen to a book and stay engaged.  Plus it has all of the characters he already knows and loves.  My mom watched him reading his books and even said that it would make a great gift to buy a subscription or tokens for your grandchild so they can buy some books.

Please go check out Disney Story Central or buy it in the iTunes app store and let me know what your favorite feature is!  🙂

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.