We’ve all been at home for almost 5 months now. That means a WHOLE lot of time in the house to get bored. With it being so hot outside this summer and millions of kids not going back to school this fall in the traditional way, I thought I would compile a HUGE list of boredom busters for you! Please let me know in the comments if you have any more great ideas and let’s make this post a place for moms to get inspired.

Boredom Busters for Kids:

Cosmic Kids Yoga Channel on YouTube

Shaving Cream Marble Painting

Take a Drawing class with Mo Willems on Youtube

Tissue Paper Painting Art

Salt Watercolor Painting

Coffee Filter Art (color with Crayola Markers, wet with water, and dry and hang)

Use Fruit and Potatoes to make Stamps with Acrylic Paint

Rainbow Walking Water Color Wheel Science Experiment

Decorate a Window with Scrapbook Paper for your Neighbors to See

Go on a Sound Scavenger Hunt in your Neighborhood

Find an “obscure holiday” calendar like this one and celebrate random holidays year round in your own fun way

Ride Bikes and Count Different Things (we did this during Christmas with Snowmen)

Make a Family Flag (each family member gets their own section of the paper to color that represents them)

Make Bath Bombs Together

Make Sock Puppets and then do a Show

Make an “American Ninja Warrior” Course from One End of the House to the Other and See Who Can Make it Without Touching the Ground

Take your Bikes in the Car and Go Ride in a Different Neighborhood

Do a “Sink or Float” Test with Different Objects Around the House

Blow Bubbles or Make your Own

Have a Water Balloon Fight

Play “sock wrestling” where two people put on long socks and then wrestle to see who can get each other’s socks off first

Go Find a Stick about Your Kids Height and let them Paint it and Make it Their Hiking Sticks for Walks


Make a Water Sensory Table (I made this one a LONG time ago)

Go Wash the Car as a Family

Torn Paper Art

Paint Rocks

Make a Dreamcatcher Together for Above their Beds

Write a Letter to a Grandparent or Friend

Make a Bird Feeder with an Apple, Peanut Butter, and Bird Seed

Have a Dance Party

Make an Envelope out of a Magazine Page and use it to Mail a Letter

Play Boards Game (we have been playing Sequence non-stop)

Write in a Journal about what Happened that Day

Play Sardines or Hide and Seek

Make a giant Tic Tac Toe board with ribbon and Play on the Ground

Learn a New Card Game

Tie Dye and Old T-Shirt with Bleach and Water (will need adult supervision for this one)

Make a Tutu for a Princess with some Tulle Ribbon and Elastic

Learn a New Dance from YouTube (we are Learning the Dance from the end of High School musical)

Play on the Website Starfall

Play Charades and Act Out Members of your Own Family

Practice Writing your Name by Tracing over the Name in all the Colors of the Rainbow

Learn How to Draw a New Animal

Make a Comic Book (Cole just did one called “Bob and Doug Go to Space” because of the latest space travel this year

Watch the YouTube Channel “Dude Perfect” (it’s funny, clean, and we all LOVE those guys)

Find a New Show to Watch (my kids are LOVING Spirit on Netflix right now)

Go Ride Horses Somewhere

Make Small Treats and Go Deliver Them to Your Friends

Go Declutter the Kid’s Closets Together and Donate What They Aren’t Using

Make a Suncatcher with Tissue Paper and Contact Paper

Create a Collage with Different Scrapbook Paper

Make a Plastic Jar Lantern


Make a Maze with Legos for a Marble to go Through

Dot Paint with Q-Tips

Study a Famous Artists and then Create some Art in their Same Style

Go Tour a Museum on YouTube

Watercolor Paint on Paper Towels

Do a Lego Bridge Challenge to See who’s Bridge can Hold the Most Weight

Find a Coloring Page on Pinterest and Color Together

Find a HUGE cardboard box and Transform it into a House, Rocket, Car, etc.

Make a Paper Chain of EVERYTHING you are Thankful for Right Now

Sew a Bookmark for Grandma and Grandpa (we used this tutorial here)

Paint Leaves and then Make a Mobile

Create your own Nature Brushes with Clothespins and Leaves, Feathers, etc. and Paint

Make a HUGE Chalkboard for your Backyard with Chalkboard Paint and Wood and Hang it on the Fence


Study an Author or Illustrator you LOVE, Write the a Letter, and then Read their Books all Day

Cut up Pool Noodles to make Blocks for Outside in the Pool, in the Bath, or on the Porch

Make a Sensory Bottle

Make a Family Book and Give each Person in your Family a Page with their Name

Stamp Paint with a Toilet Paper Roll

Play Video Games for a Little While (we have this little game and it’s 90s fabulous)

Cut Out Foam Circles and have a Polka-Dot Bath Time

Talk about the Fruits of the Spirit and do activities around that for a Week

Learn about a New Country (make the food, watch videos about it, read books, dress up)

Watch a Video about an Animal on National Geographic Kids and then Draw a Picture of Write about it

Make a Rice Sensory Bin

Practice their Age Appropriate Sight Words and have a BIG Treat when they Learn them all

Practice Making Words with Magnetic Letters on the Fridge or Dryer

Draw your Own Silly Monster


Build a CRAZY structure with Toothpicks and Tiny Marshmallows

Designate a “Prayer Pal” Stuffed Animal and Hold it While You Pray Together

Heat up Rocks in the Oven for a Few Minutes and then Color on them With Crayons and Watch the Crayons Melt

Place a Sweet Potato in Water in the Window and Document how it Grows Leaves in a Journal and then go Plant it Outside

Go on for LOTS of fun videos, games, and activities

Put Glow Sticks in the Bathtub at Night for a Glow in the Dark Bath

Go Explore Your Downtown Area (in El Paso there are SO many great murals)

Go on a Nature Walk and Collect Some Treasures

Explore a Favorite Author or Illustrators Website…they always have fun Activities that go Along with Their Books

Bubble Wrap Painting

Make Slime

Paint Rocks

Build a Small Sand Box for the Kids and then Play Archeologist with Dinosaurs

Go Play Outside with the Water Hose in our Swimsuits

Watercolor Painting


Homemade Playdough

Running Through the Sprinkler

Build a GIANT Pillow Fort

Learning a New Chore like Mopping or Putting Up the Dishes

Bake a Cake or Cookies

Play with Legos or Blocks

Set up the Tent in the Living Room and Camp Out (We did this on the 4th of July)

Dump Out the Sock Drawer and Play a Matching Game

Go Jump on the Trampoline with the Sprinkler Under it

Trace the Kids Body’s on Large Paper and then let them Color Themselves

Homemade Moon Sand

Water Color Spray Painting

Play Grocery Store, Restaurant, or any kind of Pretend Play

Play with Orbeez or any other sensory water bead

String Painting

Reading a New Book or Having Grandma Read a Book over Facetime

Sidewalk Chalk

Balloon Volleyball (we love this game and it’s a workout for mom)

What other great BOREDOM BUSTERS for KIDS can you add to this list? Please leave me a comment!