DIY Marbled Coaster Tutorial + Video

I just started turning my 4 year old daughter’s room into a big girl room instead of a nursery. She got a new bed and dresser and since she got a new dresser, we needed some fun coasters for the dresser and nightstand because there are drinks ALL OVER our house at all times. I didn’t want to go buy coasters so I headed to my craft closet to figure out how to make coasters for free.

I remembered making some Nail Polish Marbled Ornaments a few years ago and I wondered if that same technique would work on a white ceramic tile…and it did! They turned out so pretty and my daughter loves the colors.

I made a video and it’s really fun to watch and see how each tile turns out completely different. This is such an easy project that your kids can get in on the fun and they will love creating something beautiful for their own room or as a gift for someone they love. They would make a GREAT gift too as a set.

If you create this project, please share and tag me on Instagram so I can see it!

DIY Marbled Coaster Tutorial + Video

Now here are the step-by-step instructions:

First you need to wipe your tile clean and dry it. I didn’t do this but I think it helps the nail polish stick to the tile better.

Next, fill a foil pan with an inch or so of water. I used a foil pan because the nail polish could mess up a nice glass pan. Better safe than sorry! 🙂

Go choose one or a few nail polish colors. I chose three but it would look great with one color too. I would recommend choosing colors that compliment each other so it doesn’t look too busy. If you are making these as a gift, consider their favorite colors too!

Pour the nail polish in the pan. There is really no wrong or right way to do this. I would recommend moving quickly though because the nail polish starts to fall down off the surface of the water pretty fast.

With the tile facing down, place it on the surface of the water and move it around a tiny bit. Make sure that you dip the side of the tile in too so that the entire surface except the back is covered.

Take the tile out and let it completely dry completely.

Once the tile is dry, spray it with a clear sealer like this one. This makes sure that nothing can scratch the nail polish off the tile. I let it set for 24 hours before I put a drink on it.

Add something to the back to protect your furniture from the tile. I added some soft Velcro dots to my tile but you could hot glue some felt on the back too. Just make sure you add something soft to the back to protect your furniture.

If you are using these as a gift, tie a ribbon around a set and you have a really cute, simple gift for your friends.

DIY Marbled Coaster Tutorial + Video
DIY Marbled Coaster Tutorial + Video
DIY Marbled Coaster Tutorial + Video
DIY Marbled Coaster Tutorial + Video