How to Host a Craft Party for Practically Nothing
A couple of weeks ago I was talking to my friend and we were saying it would be fun to do a craft party.  Later that night I thought about it and decided that I would host one!  I emailed all of my friends from church and bunco and asked them if they would like to come make a fall wreath.  I had such a great turn out and we had such a great time.
Now you might be thinking, “I don’t have enough money to go buy all of the craft supplies for 12 girls to come to my house and make a wreath!”  That’s what I thought originally but when I asked the girls to donate 15 dollars each to buy supplies, food, and drinks they all said YES!  All they had to do was show up and I took care of all of the supplies and food.  After all was said and done, I had to donate about 40 dollars to this party.  Not bad!
Here was a copy of my invitation:
So here I wanted to show you how I hosted the party.  You can make any craft you would like.  Just think about these 3 things as you plan the craft:
How long will  it take to make?  Keep it under two hours or they won’t finish.
Are the supplies to make it cheap?  I used very cheap supplies so that I got invite lots of people.
With short directions, can anyone make this?  You will have crafters and crafter-challenged!  All of my girls did great and I taught them how to do it and was there to help all night because I didn’t make one.
Also think about the amount of people you invite.  I had 11 girls come and that was the perfect size.  I could have had more but just be careful not to ask too many people or it will become too much when buying the supplies and food.
This is how I set up the tables for the craft:
I took black butcher paper and covered all of the tables so I wouldn’t be scraping glue and paint off of my tables and bar.
I put the food right on the tables with all of the crafting supplies.  I’ll tell about all of the food at the end of the post.  It was so yummy!

I set up small stations all over the room with different supplies so they could get what they needed as they needed it.

I put all of the paper out on the window seat so they could browse.

More paper to use and the hoops for the wreath.

I used my bowls and ramekins to hold all of the smaller supplies and embellishments.

 The Decorations:

I made this banner from brown lunch sacks.  I got the idea from the Phat Quarters Blog and then added little black tags so that I could write with chalk. This is for another post…if you like the paper embellishments on the banner, click here to learn how to make them.

I love writing on my chalkboards!

This was my original wreath that was used as inspiration and an example.  I quickly taught the girls how to make all of the paper embellishments in case they wanted to use them.  

A Halloween wreath made the same way just for inspiration.

All ready for the crafts to begin!
The Food:
I made these for a sweet snack…click here to find out more about these yummy cookies
This popcorn is so good I ate about a pound of it before they even got to my house!  Click here for the recipe!

These were my drinks for the night.  I knew everyone was going to be up moving around so cups didn’t sound like a good plan for me.  You’ll see in a second how I made the water fun!

To get the chalkboard label effect just take black card stock and cut it to fit whatever bottles you bought.  Then write the girl’s names with chalk.  It was so easy that I think I’ll be doing this again!

I put the bottles next to my “Mix It Up!” sign and then had tons of Crystal light packets and fun straw to customize their drink.

I decided that the easiest food to eat while crafting was pizza since they started working on their projects pretty soon after getting to my house.  It was easy and no clean up!
I put the popcorn in brown lunch sacks that I had cut shorter and cut a cute scalloped edge.
I had a teenager at the party, Leah, and didn’t think she would want to make a wreath.  Instead I got some fun paper,stamps, and pockets and she made a fun little smash book or notebook instead.  

It turned out really cute!
We had so much fun!
Everyone’s Wreaths..some aren’t finished yet but will be soon!

How to Host a Craft Party for Practically Nothing

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