When I received my MamaVoxBox from Influenster I was really excited about getting to try a new BB cream.  I have been using the Garnier brand for about a year and liked it so far but hadn’t tried any other brands.  I am not a big “makeup” girl and just barely started using these tinted creams a few years ago.  I liked the idea of a little bit of coverage but I wasn’t about to start wearing foundation.  

My impressions about the Pond’s brand were good before I even used it because it’s been around for so long.  I like that it has sunscreen in it because that’s a must for me.  I noticed Pond’s BB cream to be a little thicker than Garnier and wasn’t sure about that at first.  When I put it on, it had much better coverage than my usual and I could even use it as a concealer for blemishes too.  It makes your skin so smooth and I loved that.  I have some red spots on my face sometimes and it made those go away.  It claims with prolonged use it can make dark spots go away too.  It’s definitely worth a try if you love BB cream or if you want to try to skip the foundation for a while.   
The only down side to this cream for me is the color is a little light for me.  I got the medium too and it might be better until I get pasty white this summer and will have to switch back.  I am just not sure about the range of colors they have to offer yet or if it’s just the light and medium because they are both pretty light.