Hey y’all! I am so thankful that you are here. I’m Deonna Wade.

I am a stay-at-home mom and lettering artist who loves to share fun DIY and craft ideas as well as how to create a simple and beautiful home you want on a small budget.

Okay now for a few little things about me:

My life in 2 sentences: I grew up in New Mexico and now I live in Lubbock, Texas. I am a proud police wife and mom to the two best kids on the planet.

Favorite hobby: I started hand lettering in June 2016 and it is so much fun! You can see my hand lettering on my Instagram and I also do custom lettering that you can check out here.

My health: In November of 2017, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I share about that on Instagram so that other women can feel strong and know that this diagnosis doesn’t mean you can’t live the life you want to live.   This diagnosis inspired the Pretty Tough Jacket photo series where I showcase women and girls who have overcome and been “pretty tough” during a difficult time.

My daughter: My daughter fell off our couch in November of 2020 and had a stroke that resulted in paralysis from the shoulders down. This has been THE most difficult thing that any of us have been through and I share our struggles on Instagram to connect with other parents experiencing similar traumas.

Why I blog: This all started as just a fun place for me to share my pictures with family but it’s grown into SO much more. I love sharing my projects, experiences as a mom of a disabled child,  and my faith with my readers and inspiring them to create, simplify, and learn more about God every day. I share a Devo with Deonna every Tuesday on Instagram to encourage other women no matter what their life may look like.  If I blogged for 20 years and one person came to know Christ through this blog, it would all be worth it to me.